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Bypass the iCloud activation lock on any iPhone, iPad or iPod with our ClickXen Activator.

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Remove iCloud Activation Lock

Have you ever purchased a used iPhone only to discover that the iCloud account is locked?   In other words, your phone needs to remove iCloud Activation Lock.  It happens quite frequently and is a big hassle.

The recommended method is to ask the iPhone reseller or previous owner to remove iCloud activation lock by disconnecting the iPhone or another iDevice from its current Apple ID and the iCloud account.  But a reseller may charge extra and some even intentionally lock iPhones with iCloud IDs giving them have a reason to charge you more.

It may take those resellers a few days, even weeks to solve this problem and give you the impression that it’s not simple.

Please note that this how-to addresses a feature called Activation Lock, present in iOS 7 and later. It’s designed to prevent anyone else from using a stolen or lost iDevice.

This includes any iPhone models 4S and above, any iPad, or any Apple Watch. Activation Lock is enabled automatically when Find My iPhone is turned on.


Unfortunately, as of 2017, Apple removed its iCloud Activation Lock status check tool from its website

However, there is a workaround for buyers in the market for a secondhand (New-To-You or Used) iDevice. And some people report that Apple will disable Activation Lock for users upon being provided legitimate proof of purchase.

For more information please check out our article on Using Find My iPhone Activation Lock LookUp Tools

How-To LookUp iPhone Activation Status UPDATED 2018

  1. Visit Apple’s Support website
  2.  Select iPhone from the list of devices
  3. Click any HARDWARE search category such as Repairs & Physical Damage or Battery, Power, & Charging.
  4. On the next page,  select a particular problem like Screen Damage, Operating System Does Not Respond, or Unable to Power Off
  5. Tap Send in for Repair.
  6. Then enter your device’s serial number, IMEI or MEID to check its Activation Lock status
  7. If Activation Lock (or Find My iPhone) is enabled, you see a message saying Sorry but we can’t create a repair while Find my iPhone is active

Please note: this workaround currently works, but Apple might completely remove it from the website at any time. So if this method no longer works, let us know.

How-To Unlock an iCloud Account on an iPhone Using An Online Activation Lock Removal Service

With the recent Apple changes on its iCloud Activation Lock Tool, the method below may not work–we’ve had no negative reports but things are changing rapidly

This simple guide will walk you through the steps needed to help you unlock a previously used iCloud ID on your current iPhone.  We recommend using a third party website to accomplish this.

There are a lot of website out there that basically do this same service.  Today, we focus on an example.

We recommend ClickXen icloud removal tool to unlock iCloud Activation.

  1. First, visit Here
  2. Download the ClickXen Tool 2019
  3. If you don’t know your IMEI or Serial number
    1. Go to Settings > General > About  
    2. For iPhone 5 and above and for the original iPhone, the IMEI/MEID is on the back of your device
    3. Or iPhone 4S and below and iPhone 6S, the IMEI/MEID is on the SIM tray  
    4. Using iTunes, select your device and click Summary
    5. For iPhone, click the phone number to see IMEI/MEID
    6. For iPad cellular model, click Serial Number to see IMEI/MEID
    7. You can also try dialing *#06# on your phone and your IMEI number will be texted
    8. If you have a locked iPhone and are unable to use the dialer, press the ‘i’ symbol at the ‘device screen’. This should display the IMEI number.
    9. IMEI/MEID numbers and serial numbers are also located on the original packing for the iDevice, so if you have access to that packaging take a look at the white label that comes with each iDevice.

What does this service actually do?

This ClickXen iCloud Activation Lock tool permanently removes the Activation Lock.  And the device is removed from the previous owner’s iCloud account.

Then, you activate and set up the device as normal and connect the phone to your own iCloud account.

What about a forgotten Apple ID?

This website is also helpful for anyone who’s forgotten his or her Apple ID and cannot retrieve it the usual ways.

Please note that these services WILL NOT unlock a phone from any carrier—the phone will remain locked to the original network.

Most, if not all, of these websites, charge a bit for this service but the amount is probably less than a reseller.

Your iPhone is unusally unlocked in a couple of days and you use your iPhone or another iDevice as normal.

What about WiFi Only iDevices?

The great benefit of getting your iPhone unlocked through this website versus a reseller is that you know what you are paying for.   This service will work for WiFi Only Devices too, just type in the serial number instead of the IMEI/MEID.


Many of us either purchase or inherit used iPhones and other iDevices. Hopefully, the previous owner very thoughtfully prepared their phone for its departure.

But if it arrived to you with iCloud and other credentials clogging its arteries, we have a method to help. Be it your own iPhone or someone else’s, it’s a fairly easy process to get the activation lock and iCloud activation removed.

With the help of a useful website, your iPhone or other iDevice is up and running in no time.

Readers Tips 

  • Try to change the DNS Settings–this often works but it may also not work! Also, you may or may not have full functionality of the phone
    • First, restart and choose your country & language
    • Go directly to the Wifi setting and tap on the ‘i’ next to the WiFi network you want to connect to
    • Delete the current DNS settings and enter these DNS settings (listed by location)
      • USA/North America:
      • Europe:
      • Asia:
      • Rest of World: or
    • Once you enter the DNS choose the Back button
    • Select that WiFi network and enter its password
    • Tap on the back button again (at the top left corner)and return to that WiFi page
    • Hopefully, an iCloud Bypass screen appears–follow on-screen instructions


iCloud Bypass

If you need to unlock your locked iPhone, the best method available online is this iCloud bypassing method with IMEI number. You do not need to install unnecessary applications, this is an online tool, easy to use. Your iCloud will be unlocked and the devices which have connected to the same iCloud will be unlocked with few easy steps. And all because of this new iCloud bypassing method with IMEI unlock.

There are so many online application and tools to trick you into fraud and junk applications and tools. So be aware. We will explain you every single detail you need to know about iCloud Bypass. So stay tuned and continue reading for more exciting news.

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Guide: How to Remove Apple ID from iPhone without Password

Step 1. You need to erase the Find my iPhone feature from your iPhone device as this is the feature responsible for the Activation lock feature. So follow these simple steps to get rid of this.- Go to Settings > iCloud.- Turn off the Find my iPhone switch from there.

Step 2. Now you need to log out of every where by clicking on Settings, and then going on iTunes and App Store where you'll find the Apple ID slot. You need to just click on sign out there. Repeat the same process on iCloud by going to settings and then follow the next step. Please not that you need to sign out on all the accounts to set this process in motion.

Step 3. Delete all the files, and then go to Settings, press General then select the Reset option. What you can do is also retrieve your password if you know your Apple ID and it is retrieved on your email. You just need to click on the Settings option and type iCloud. Tap on the email address and press Forgot ID or password option. Enter your Apple ID and then answer the security questions and you will receive a new password in no time.If you want to reset your Apple ID without a password through the internet, you can do that, and you will be linked with your email ID for the same.- Browse the Apple ID Site, Press on Manage your Apple Account.- Click on Forgot Apple ID or Password option.- Answer the security questions. 

Words in The End: In case that your important data are lost due to unexpected reasons like inappropriate handling, you are suggested to make a phone backup of your device. Then this ClickXen icloud activation tool bypass is surely your best solution. With it, you are free to transfer any files from iPhone/iPad/iPod to the computer as a backup without any difficulty. 

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Team ClickXen is up for a new challange. With the new iOS 12.1.1  released and our ClickXen Activator Tool 2016 being outdated we decided to bring NEW ClickXen Activator Tool 2018 (iCloud Bypass Tool) iCloud locked iPhone or iPad with iTunes during the activation process.

How it works? You can bypass the iCloud activation lock with the ClickXen Activator Tool. It's easy to use and all you need to do is have your device connected to iTunes and download our icloud activation tool.


 ClickXen software offers many benefits to users with blocked Apple ID account or account they cannot access for various reasons. ClickXen software can run on all iOS versions up to 12 with enabled Find My iPhone feature on the activated iDevice.  This distant Software will remove all Apple ID account limits that exist when you are not able to log into your account. For example, it is impossible to turn off Find My iPhone without entering the Apple ID account password. 

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There are many different situations when Apple can lock or disable your Apple ID account until you verify your identity.

It can happen when the iDevice owner or person who has found a lost device attempts to enter the wrong password to unlock Apple ID account and fails. It happens when you are not able to answer security questions or verify your account information because you have completely forgotten it.